Is it possible to know what part of a services an audience cares about? 
With the use of Instagram and Facebook I tried to answer this question with targeted content to bring more engagement.
Building Personas : Facebook audience insights and salesforce give a clear image of audiences interests.
Channel : To keep things cost/time effective, it was important to focus on few channels. Instagram and WhatsApp helped rapidly connect with new leads.
Creative : Creative that help customer in every step of their journey. 
1. Awareness = Simple images that catch curiosity. 
2. Engagement = Fun images driving strong emotions.
3. Connection = Descriptive copy showing empathy. 
4. Conversion = Redirecting leads to contact us
Tone : I wanted the brand speak and feel like a friend. Behind each creative was an intention to give value for engagement. 
Conversion : Building clear call to actions and tracked links to see conversion of new leads.
Analysis & Data : With the use of Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics, it was possible to track engagement results with precision. With the information it was possible to build even more relevant content.
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